Tax Tips Written in a Way You Can Actually Understand

The U.S. tax code is enormous, covering about 4 million words over 9,000 pages. It’s always changing too.

So for anyone outside the industry, trying to understand it all can be a constant struggle. That’s why we invite you to check this page often for new tips – written in easy-to-understand language – designed to reduce your tax burden.

Download this Easy Vehicle Mileage Log

Click here to download an easy vehicle mileage log

How to Avoid an Audit on Your Tax Return

If you’re worried about the IRS taking a look at your tax return, you’re not alone. It’s natural to feel uneasy about an audit, but the chances are slim.

23 Critical Questions to Ask When Hiring a CPA

Here are 23 important questions to ask any CPA before you hire them. If you don’t get the answers you’re looking for give us a call.

Why Hire a CPA?

You may think “accountant” and “CPA” have the same meaning, but there are important differences. In this article we detail those differences.

8 Critical Factors to Consider Before Hiring a CPA

Are you hiring a CPA? Review these 8 critical factors to consider before signing any contracts. It could save you a lot of time, money and headaches.

The 5 Most Important Decisions to Make When Starting Your Business

Before you start your business, review these 5 important decisions. They’re essential to ensure you start and stay on the right path.

Tax Deduction for Losses from Employee Theft and Fraud

Get a basic understanding of how the tax law can help your business recover from losses incurred as the result of employee fraud or embezzlement.

Starting or Converting a Business — LLCs

A few years ago hardly anyone had heard of limited liability companies. Now the press have nothing but good things to say about them. Is the hype justified?

Starting a Business — What to Consider

Before you start a business, there are a number of preliminary decisions to make. One of the first choices you will face is the legal form of the business.

Starting a Business – Pros and Cons of S Corporations

Here’s a checklist highlighting advantages and disadvantages of the S corporation form. Keep in mind that Congress may pass reform that could change things.

S Corporations — Audit Triggers

The rising popularity of S corporations combined with intense pressure by Congress to close the “tax gap” has created the perfect storm for more IRS audits.

5 Facts About Your Home Office Deduction

Many taxpayers, entrepreneurs and small business people may be able to take a home office deduction when filing their federal tax return next year.

Fact Sheet on Rental Income and Expenses

As the owner of rental real property, it’s important that you are aware of everything counting as income so that you do not face underpayment tax penalties.

Business Trips That Mix Business with Pleasure

Many taxpayers plan trips combining business and pleasure. Business trips in exotic locations yield personal pleasure and generate legitimate deductions.

11 Reasons Why Business Professionals Hire Benjamin T Koeller CPA, PLLC

Selecting the right tax and accounting firm is an important decision. When you hire Koeller Thompson CPAs, PLLC, benefit from 12+ years experience, plus…

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